AB Organic Coconut Scrub

Yep, I make it! I made this jar just for you. To treat yourself and/or a loved one to a little organic bathroom luxury. This body scrub is special - it makes my upset skin happy, and I'm sure it'll do the same for you as it has for thousands of people. The best part? It Exfoliates AND Moisturises your Face AND Body! Feel each grain of coconut infused sugar exfoliate and scrub away old skin, lumps, bumps and imperfections, as it melts and releases the hydrating coconut into your deserving skin; allowing it to regenerate and embrace your natural glow.. and feel oh so silky smooth! Need I say more?!


Piece of Toast

Know you need to make a change to improve your health, but not sure where to start? I wrote this ebook for those who want to get better at this stuff but don't want to change their diet or lifestyle dramatically, or go on an intense body transformation journey. Sound like you? Download and read on my dear..


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