The Petra Effect

“Come and have a treatment with me!” she said, after I just told her I couldn’t eat the broccoli in the salad we were sharing at lunch. “That’s not on. You shouldn’t have to stay away from veggies!! Just come and see – I’ve lot’s of people with food allergies” said my lovely new friend, Petra. “What do you mean?” I quizzed.. I knew she had her own business that helped sick people, but I didn’t think there was anything wrong with me (health wise)  – just that I’m sensitive to some high FODMAP foods.

Well lunch escalated quickly and goodness knows how many Vodka Sodas and glasses of wine we consumed? I got sick a few days after that – but it wasn’t a hangover. You know the symptoms of the flu? The all over body ache, razor blades throat and just generally feeling like shit.. Dr said my immune system was down, I had a virus and to rest up.

Lucky me had naturopath bestie, Ange deliver immunity boosting herb pills & potions, soup and garlic to load up on. Then I had my session booked with Petra the next day. I went over to her house where she has her clinic set up and sat in the special chair. She put a pad that was connected to a BICOM machine on my stomach and ran what looked like a microscope (also connected to the machine) over a range of little vials she said were replicas of diseases, food allergies, mould and parasites, etc (I’m thinking “OMG WTF”).. every now and then she’d stand a little vial up because the machine had picked it up in my body.

It picked up a few things – Strep in my throat and parasites in my stomach..

Then she swapped around a few different devices to hold against my stomach and I had a pad on my back to commence the healing process. I literally just sat there for around 30 mins or so thinking “am I meant to be feeling something?”


Alannah BICOM

I’m not exaggerating – I was 95% better the next day! I was so so so happy!! I don’t know exactly what had made me better – whether it was the BICOM treatment, the medicines, the 3 days of rest, or all 3. But I honestly couldn’t believe the change overnight.

Now here’s the low-down on what this treatment and magic machine is..

Bioresonance Therapy is a gentle and painless therapy using oscillations to treat a wide range of disorders without harmful side effects. Modern Bio-physics has shown us that the cells in the body resonate within a particular frequency range. Healthy or harmonic cells resonate at a very different frequency to that of unhealthy cells, and unhealthy resonance patterns within the body have a negative influence on our health. A BICOM device can test the 40 major meridian points on the hands and feet. These points are directly linked to specific organs and systems of the body. The information is then used to determine energy at a cellular level.

⭐Disease causing factors such as allergies, virus, bacteria, fungi, radiation and toxins can be tested in order to determine which substances are causing a strain on the body and contributing to poor health. Once identified, unhealthy oscillation patterns can be reduced and even eliminated by using the BICOM machine to invert the harmful energy frequency. The enhanced and healthy energy frequency can then be returned to the patient. Harmful energy frequencies are neutralised and the body’s own self regulatory forces are able to regain control.

⭐The treatment can also be used to enhance healthy function as well as to test for and identify deficiencies which can play a major role in health problems. Bioresonance Therapy works on a very deep level of cellular repair and every aspect of the treatment given is personalised as a result of extensive testing with the BICOM machine. The treatment you are given is determined by the information received from your own cells, tissues and organ systems. This reduces the chance of any over or under treatment and ensures that you receive the maximum benefit from each therapy session.


I’m continuing treatment with Petra for a range of things – so this is not the last you’ll hear about Petra and her BICOM machine.

Have you ever had bioresonance therapy? I’d love to know!


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