This is a skincare tip probably you haven’t been given before – though you will find many articles boasting about the health benefits of cold showers.

Alongside the religious use of my skincare products, I religiously end my shower with turning the temperature to cold and staying there for minute or two.

I know you’re going to screw your face up at the thought – most people do when I tell them.. and trust me, I’m never excited about getting into cold water either! But I LOVE how I feel after, and the fact that it keep my complexion clear. Hot water is a luxury that we have made a normality and it actually dries out your skin, whilst cold water tightens up your pores, so you can retain moisture, and prevent your skin from getting dirty.

Now, it gets better! Hear me out; there are many more powerful health benefits to immersing your body in cold water. Here are just a few:

  • It improves your circulation, along with your mood
  • It burns fat (yay)
  • It energises you (double yay)

My favourite part: it’s challenging! I find myself getting prepared, with my inner voice saying “come on GF, you can do this!” I think it’s funny but when we dig deeper into this, we’re accepting a challenge and strengthening our willpower. If you can start your day like this, imagine all of the other things you’re going to get through and get done.

It’s painful sometimes, yes. But so is a workout, so is working your arse off on a work project, so is resisting chocolate, so is getting the perfect selfie. There are always things we don’t necessarily LOVE doing, but I bet once those things are done, you feel AMAZING – it’s worth it.

When your mind and body are functioning happily, you GLOW.

So get your herbal tea and face serum ready, because you’re going to need them after your shower!


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