This changed my life forever

I was 19 when I first noticed the small, raised and red dots appearing on my stomach. They spread like wildfire until they covered my entire body.

IP of Alannah Browne.png

Of course, I went straight to the doctor! We did plenty of tests – nothing came up. Not eczema, rosacea, hives, dermatitis.. nothing. After the diagnosis from the last doctor “It’s just a rash that comes up in your early 20’s, and it’ll go away in 3 months” and the list of prescriptive creams and medications to take as a “process of elimination” approach – well, that was the last straw for me!

I felt so ugly, and I wouldn’t leave the house. I was depressed.

Rash1 (1).jpg


Plus my income strongly relied on my appearance. There was no way  was going to mess up my body any further with drugs.

I had to question why this rash had come up if it wasn’t an external reaction, and I NEVER wanted to suffer from this again.

I realised I had to figure this out. I had to look at my health and wellness…I was a vegan,
but I wasn’t eating properly. I was working out 2-3 times a day. I was out partying. I was
stressed, and realised I wasn’t as healthy as I thought. And now I’m a big believer that the solution to
these type of problems need to come from within.

But I still had to get these itchy bumps off me ASAP!

Coconut and sugar. It might sound like something you would sprinkle on your breakfast cereal, but for me, it was a life-changer. After researching for weeks, I went to the kitchen cupboard, and combined sugar with a few coconut ingredients. They made a potent body scrub that I used daily to scrub away the infected skin, and heal the new skin underneath. The coconut oil provided a deep moisturising effect, whilst the disinfecting nature of the sugar acted as a natural moisture retainer and preservative – soothing my dry and irritated skin for the entire day. My skin was clear within a week, and I’d never felt better. I became committed to a whole food diet, and realised the depths of benefits food & exercise has on our mind and body.

One year, I left it last minute, to buy Christmas presents, and couldn’t think of what to by anyway – oops!! So I packed gorgeous jars with my scrub and gifted it to family and friends. It was an instant hit and everyone kept coming back for more because It was
helping their skin conditions, and they felt amazing after their shower. Before long, I was
selling them from my desk at work.. and long story short, my first business baby was born!

After sharing my advice and products with family and friends, I’ve ended up becoming their health coach. I have studied fitness and nutrition, but never imagined the amazing impact it would have on my life and others.

Just like mine, their confidence and radiance increased so much.

I felt that I had room to grow beyond the scrub alone. I’m strongly driven by my experiences of low self-esteem that I witnessed in the competitive modelling industry. I wanted to establish a brand that would teach people to love themselves from the inside out, guiding them through the skills and advice needed to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.
I often find myself looking around and feeling like everyone is equally as beautiful – but we’re comparing ourselves to unrealistic, photoshopped “Insta models”. So this has been a massive motivator in creating a brand: knowing that we can influence change here.



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